Sunday, October 07, 2007

Archaeologist season 2007

Team June 2007, Mary Beth, David, Cara, Katy, Susan, Amy, Alexa, Judith, Adrianne, Juan and Felipe (stand up), bebel and Jillian (seat)

Team July, Felipe, Mariana, Justin, Laurie, Lleliana, Pascual, cesar, Jay and Martin (stand up), Alexa, Kate, Joshua and Arturo (seat)

Kate from Australia always trying to be busy

Our "Cookiedelaer", Alexa, always she found a way to save cookies, she was the chef of blackmarket cookies en marcajirca, unbelive; LOL

Justin, I am sure you are telling an interesting history....

Wow, the worst storm in Huari, everybody ready for evacuation

Jillian, I told you was a big storm, look the ice behind, we were lucky only rain and wind
After the storm we had to have lunch of the house, meanwhile it was improving, but anyways the view was wonderfull, next time we have lunch outside oftenly.

The voleyball team of Marcajirca, anyway our donkey play very good