Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Archaeologists in season 2008

Second Group -July/August-Up: Bebel, Josh, Margarita, Lauirie, Angela, David, Sara, Nat, Florian, Douglas, Bobbie, Manu, Kristi and Arturo. Down: Cristiàn, Yuri and Gaelle
Firts Group-June/July-Up: Felipe, Scott, Marie-line, Flore, Eliza, Andrew, Lauire, Amanda, Kasia, Margarita and Bebel
Down: Yuri, Carlos, Josh, Stephan and Cristian

Outdoor Lunch

Trying to explain something

The Lab-laundry

Getting ready before go into the cave, no light for couple hours

Helping for Pachamanca

Pachamanca very soon

Waiting for Pachamanca

Pachamanca in 5 minutes

A little soccer match, above 3800 meters 10 minutes is enought