Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Random photos Marcajirca 2012

Team 2012: First lane, Aliz Ibarra, Valda Black, Samantha Linninger, Sarah Herrera, Karina Coscuna, Madeleine Schwarz, Amy Beresheim, Kirstie Bilbrey, Beau Murphy, Daniel Van Egmond. Second Line: Kriselda Nuñez, Bronwyn McNeil, Maggie Hall, Madeline Zhu, Ashley Remi, Rebecca Stetson, Sarah Mathena, Amelia Dial, Pablo Mateos, Thirth Lane: Bebel Ibarra, Anne Titelbaum, Jhon Cruz, Oscar Loyola, Jane Gatewood and Stephan Naji.
 1. There was a spider in the excavation this size.... 2,. It was a spider like this... 3. I saw spider like this size.. 
 Hiking to the Cross, around 4,400 m (14400 ft) above sea level
I think I will have neck pain tonight

I herd we have bone soup for Lunch, me too, just smile and lets clean well the bones

Doña Teofila doing dishes and enjoying the view

Resting after arrive to the Cross

Alone in the Chullpa... at least you have a spider as company

Cookie Break at Front Chullpa 13

I am still trying to figure out what Maggie is try to say

Taking notes in Chullpa 14