Monday, September 23, 2013

Random Pictures Huamparan 2013

Huamparan Team 2013 (behind from left): Ronald Gringo, Carlos Escobar, Marguerite Leoni, Alex Casteel, Americo Santillana,
(front): Bebel Ibarra, Margarita Brikyte, Rohan Ibarra-Brikyte, Donita Roberts, Pablo Mateo, Steph Van Burkel and Jhon Cruz

Pulling out rocks is no problem.

Cleaning pottery fragments at Huari House
Donita - my yoga classes are useful now

Rohan and his first excavation lessons - it is  never is too early

A good nap after lunch-we need nothing else

Rohan applying his skills in excavation
The sacred cookie break, flavors such as chocolate, coconut, strawberry, lemon and vanilla

Our dinning room after the third plate

Loading-up our "Raquel", our powerful Landcruiser, with the gear

July 28th at Puruhay Lake
During Kayak Competition

Puruhuay Lake

Team formed by Jhon and Steph