Thursday, October 19, 2006

Archaeologist season 2006

Team season 2006; Up from right to left: Carlos, Milagros Mary, Erika, Felipe, Wally, Azzurra, Manu, Troy, Vicent, Rafa, sited, Katy, Marie-Pier and Bebel (Marika and Robert in Cuzco) Mary if you behave i will set you free, in the meantime, just keep digging,

Peruvian guys taking a break and of course, we would like a beer; unluckily, the store is a 4 hour trek away...
a nice violin concert from Marie-Pier, ey quebecoise c'est posible que tu joue autre chanson???
Francisco and his son Ismail getting water in our life.
I CAUGHT you Vicent, you stole the chocolate...Ce n'est pas une habitude francaise ou oui??? jejejejeje
Canadians girls getting RASTA oulala allez quebecoise
OK Wally, a break is good, but afterwards back to the dig...
Wally what does the donkey say?
I want a nick name, quick....